Dental hygiene at Foxley Lane Dental

We’ll help you maintain healthy teeth and gums with regular dental hygiene treatments at our Purley practice.

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Always a friendly but professional

Always a friendly but professional service at the Foxley Lane Dental  Care. I have been a patient for over 20 years and am delighted with both the dental and hygienist experience as they take enormous pride in their work. I would highly recommended the practice

Lorraine McCulloch

Taking care of your teeth and gums

Enjoy great oral health and a beautiful smile with regular dental check-ups at our modern Purley practice. Call us to make an appointment.

  • Full teeth and gum check

  • Full clean and scale to remove plaque

  • Teeth polished for beautiful shine

  • Treatment recommendations

  • A comfortable environment

  • Flexible appointment times

The benefits of dental hygiene

Maintain good oral health
Early detection of gum disease
Remove plaque and bacteria
Professional hygiene advice

Your dental hygiene appointment at Foxley Lane Dental

Maintaining a healthy smile starts with regular dental check-ups with us here in Purley.

Your experienced hygienist will keep track of the health of your teeth and gums and look for signs of early gum disease, and advise if any further treatment is needed. You’ll get a full teeth and gum check, a scale and clean to remove plaque and bacteria that has built up, and a lovely polish and shine to make sure you leave with a winning smile.

We recommend that you visit us every 6 months for a dental hygiene treatment. Depending on your overall oral health and lifestyle factors like smoking, you may need more appointments, but your hygienist will be able to explain the best frequency for you.

Dental hygienist: your questions answered

  • What services do dental hygienists provide?

    Dental hygienists provide a variety of services, including teeth cleanings, scaling and root planing, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants. They may also perform oral cancer screenings, take dental X-rays, and provide patient education on oral hygiene practices.

  • Do I need to see a dentist in addition to a dental hygienist?

    Yes, we recommend you see a dentist in addition to a dental hygienist. While dental hygienists provide preventive care services, dentists are trained to diagnose and treat dental issues. Regular dental exams with a dentist can help detect and treat dental problems early on.

  • How often should I see a dental hygienist?

    We recommend that most people see a dental hygienist for a teeth cleaning and oral health assessment every six months. However, your dentist or dental hygienist may recommend a different schedule based on your individual needs.

  • How can I take care of my oral health between dental appointments?

    In addition to regular dental appointments, there are several things you can do to take care of your oral health between appointments. These include brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing daily, eating a balanced diet, and avoiding tobacco products.

  • I’m nervous about visiting the dentist, can you help?

    Anxiety and fear of the dentist is very common and our caring team here in Purley are here to help. The practice itself is a calm, relaxing environment, designed to put you at ease at every stage of your dental journey with us. Give us a call ahead of your appointment if you have any particular concerns. We will listen to your fears and create a dental experience that is tailored to you.

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What to expect at your dental hygiene appointment

Most appointments with our dental hygienist in Purley begin with a thorough check of your gums to look for signs of gum disease.

We’ll then perform a full clean and scale of your teeth and gums to remove any plaque and bacteria that has built up over time, and finish with a polish and shine for squeaky clean teeth and fresh breath. We’ll also give you oral hygiene advice and make sure you leave with great oral health practices to stick to between visits.

Your comfort is always our priority at our Purley dental practice. Designed to be more of a home away from home than dental surgery, you can feel at ease in beautiful surroundings and rest assured that your ongoing dental health is in the very good hands of our highly skilled team.

Why regular dental hygienist visits are important

Dental hygiene appointments are vital for maintaining your gum health long-term and helping to avoid gum disease or issues like tooth loss further down the track. Seeing your Purley hygienist regularly has many benefits.

  • Checking for signs of early gum disease

  • Reduces the risk of further treatment 

  • Minimises the need for teeth replacement

  • Gives you great oral hygiene practices

Spread the cost of your dental care

To help make your dental care at Foxley Lane Dental affordable and achievable, we are pleased to offer a range of flexible payment options. Call the practice today for more information on our range of finance plans.

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This time my appointment was with the lovely hygienist who did an excellent job in cleaning and polishing my teeth. Thank you!

Janine mcgarry

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